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For any task, you need the right tools. This is no less the case when the tool in question is a knife. With a good knife, you can cut wood to make a shelter or fuel a fire, prepare food, skin game, signal for help, and even defend yourself against wild animals. A bad knife, … Read more

Guide to Swiss Army Knife Attachments

If you’ve never heard of a Swiss army knife, you’re missing out. A Swiss army knife has basically every tool you could need in the wilderness, all on a single device. You might be wondering: How did the swiss army knife come about? Why was it invented? What did the original Swiss army knife look … Read more

How To Sharpen A Knife

Among the oldest tools of humankind, knives have many and diverse uses. From chopping and whittling wood to mincing and dicing vegetables to performing intricate surgery, knives are indeed indispensable. Yet, as with any material, blades wear down and get dull. Their edges broaden and lose their effectiveness. Returning the blade to maximum incisiveness requires … Read more

Best Obsidian Knife In The Market

obsidian pocket knife

An obsidian knife is versatile and has many practical uses. Obsidian, which was once a material that was used to make arrowheads in the Stone Ages, can now be used to make precise cuts with its reputation of being the sharpest glass out there. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has a rich … Read more

7 Best Carbon Steel Knives to Use in the Kitchen

UGYMER Chef Knife, AUGYMER 8 Inch Professional Chefs Knife

Many chefs around the world choose carbon steel knives because they are sharper than stainless steel knives. They are easier to sharpen as well. You can find a good carbon steel knife for use in the kitchen at an affordable price. All of the knives on this list, except for one, are under $50. We … Read more