How To Sharpen A Knife

Among the oldest tools of humankind, knives have many and diverse uses. From chopping and whittling wood to mincing and dicing vegetables to performing intricate surgery, knives are indeed indispensable. Yet, as with any material, blades wear down and get dull. Their edges broaden and lose their effectiveness. Returning the blade to maximum incisiveness requires … Read more

5 of the Best Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS Tiger Striped Blade

When you’re looking for an EDC whether in emergency cases or just for your day-to-day, zero tolerance knives (ZT) are the go-to options. They’re designed for use in various situations, especially tactical or combat ones. In this guide, you’ll discover a bit more about ZT knives in addition to a quick rundown of five of … Read more

Rundown of the Best 3 Butterfly Knives You Can Find

Remington Damascus Tanto Butterfly KnifeRemington Damascus Tanto Butterfly Knife

Butterfly knives are cutlery that incorporates unique designs and technology. They are generally used as everyday tools, protective devices, collector’s items and entertainment accessories. Many are also used in the artistic skills of knife flipping, fanning, and other maneuvers. Looking at different kinds of butterfly knives that have distinctive features and custom designs is a … Read more

Best Fixed Blade Knives Available on the Market

Elk Ridge ER-052

Fixed blade knives are a category of knives that do not retract into the handle or detach from it any shape or form other than complete disassembly. Almost all of these knives are either hunting knives or are used in combative situations. There are so many different styles we’ve divided them up based on some … Read more

The Best Tactical Knife – An Overview of the Top 10 Choices

one of the best tactical knives

Tactical knives are often described as knives that have military features. They are rugged tools that have a variety of uses. A tactical knife can serve as your every-day utility blade or as a self-defense weapon. They must be designed for both daily chores and emergency uses. Tactical knife sales have soared in recent years. … Read more

The Different Types of Knives

Knives come in all shapes and sizes and the different types of knives vary in their purposes. Because of all of these variables, the types can start to blend together and it is hard to determine what kind of knife you are looking at. Knives are categorized according to purpose and use. Here are the … Read more

Should You Buy a Ceramic Chef Knife?

Ceramic knives can seem a bit odd. I mean, knives that aren’t made out of steel? Seriously? We haven’t done that since the stone age! I’m not sure that that’s factually accurate, but still, we’ve gotten used to metal knives. They have served us well. Now, some people are trying to change how we cut … Read more

6 Pocket Knives You Should Never Leave Home Without

Pocket Knives are extremely versatile tools. They’re small, easy to carry, and useful in hundreds of situations. Beyond their usefulness as tools, they can be the difference between life and death in survival or self defense situations. We at knifeista firmly believe that everyone should carry a pocket knife at all times. Unfortunately, many people … Read more