How to Throw A Throwing Knife

how to throw a knife board

Knife throwing is a long-held tradition to show your skill and to prove your “manliness”. Now knife throwing can be done by anyone, male or female, young and old. The history of knife throwing goes as far back as prehistoric times when hunters of the past would throw hunting sticks to catch prey, such as birds … Read more

Best Leatherman Knife: Buyer’s Guide for the Best Leatherman

Best Leatherman

Leatherman knives are super high quality knives that are designed for a wide range of different purposes. This company has been making knives since 1983 and sells knives for every purpose imaginable. In addition to knives, the company also deals in pocket tools and multi-tools. All of the products from Leatherman, knives or not, are designed … Read more

Best Machete: Buyer’s Guide for the Best Machetes

best machete

The matches or “Machete,” in Spanish and from the root “macho,” or hammer in English. It is a straight and thin clever-like knife or sword used for hacking down dense vegetation. Such is prone to occur in tropical climates. It is where you don’t want creepy, poisonous things falling on your head. Editor’s Recommendation: Top … Read more

10 Best Damascus Knives: Strength Meets Beauty

Moorhaus Handmade Damascus Knife

A Damascus steel knife is a piece that any lover of good cooking would appreciate having at their disposal. Damascus knives are a type of blade manufactured with Damascus steel. Named after the capital city of Syria, Damascus knives are made with distinctive patterns that mimic the appearance of flowing water. These pattern-welded knives are … Read more

Bowie Knife – Origins and Top 5 Best Knives

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Bowie knife

The Bowie knife is an iconic blade that has been around since the mid-1800s. It is a large, fixed-blade knife that is usually carried in a sheath. Bowie knives generally have a cross-guard and a clip-point blade. This knife was originally designed as a fighting blade but has a number of other uses. The size and … Read more

What Is a Skinning Knife? Overview + Top 4 Picks

Damascus skinning knives

A good skinning knife has the potential to be a hunter, homesteader or butcher’s best friend or worst enemy. Using something too large makes skinning an animal a nightmare, and using a knife too small just as much of a pain. Even skinners who are used to skinning, tanning and creating fabulous furs and hides … Read more

Top American Made Hunting Knives

Looking for a hunting knife made in the good ol’ USA? American made knives ensure quality and close to home construction which helps with the commerce and economy of America. When buying an American knife you are exuding both patriotism and commitment to bettering America. The knives listed below are some of the hunting knives that … Read more

Should You Buy a Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Ridge Runner Executive Wood Bowie Knife

Searching for a new hunting knife can be difficult. Not only do you need a blade that will function well out in the woods, you also need a knife that just feels right. A good place to start is asking yourself whether you want a fixed knife. As we like to say at knifeista, no … Read more