5 Engravable Pocket Knives That Will Make The Perfect Gift

Whether you have a wedding, a holiday, or a birthday coming up on your calendar, gifts are a big part of our lives. Knives are a great gift for men (and women) who love the outdoors or have come to the logical conclusion of never leaving home without a pocket knife. Unfortunately, a knife can sometimes seem like a simple or impersonal gift. This is where engravable knives come in. Pocket knife engravings are a great way to turn a simple gift into a memorable one. The following knives are all engravable and would make a perfect gift.


Swiss Army Money Clip

Engraving Swiss

Swiss Army is one of the best pocket knife makers out there. The versatility and usefulness of their knives in extremely well known, and this knife certainly lives up to expectations. This extremely thin knife manages to pack a blade, a pair of scissors, and a file into its small design. In addition, the knife doubles as a money clip for those who don’t feel like carrying a wallet. Most importantly, its stainless steel surface is the perfect spot for an engraving. The maker doesn’t do the engraving for you, so you will have to get it done yourself.

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Little Warrior

Engraving Green

The Little Warrior is a beautiful knife. Really, that’s all there is to it. Its smooth, elegant design merges perfectly with its green bone handle to create a truly impressive knife. We at knifeista know many guys who would love an elegant knife like this one, but this knife would also probably be a good fit for the outdoors women in your life. The engravable section on it is small, but it fits with the design of the knife and will still make a great personalization. As far as we know, the manufacturers don’t engrave this knife for you, and you will need to take it to a local shop to be engraved.

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Small Monogrammed Knife

Engraving LGU

This knife will make the perfect gift. The small, stainless steel frame almost shines while providing the prefect surface for an engraving. Even better, LGU offers to engrave the knife for free upon purchase. You can have up to two lines of text with 12 characters per line. Or you could ask for 3 initials with a date beneath. And all engravings can come in a variety of beautiful fonts. All you need to do is contact the seller, LGU, within a day of purchase.

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Columbia River Knife

Engraving Columbia


If the LGU knife was too small for your tastes, this knife might be a better fit for you. At 6.5 inches when opened, this knife fits well in your hand and makes for a good blade. It has a low price so that they can be bought in bulk for use as a logo knife, but it can still be easily bought as a one time gift. The low price may decrease its quality slightly, but its definitely a high quality for its price range. Unlike the LGU knife, the seller doesn’t offer an engraving so you will need to engrave the knife yourself at a local shop.

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Survival Knife

Engraving Survival

Instead of being elegant, this knife focuses on functionality. The blade comes with an LED light, a Fire Starter, a Bottle Opener, a Seat Belt Cutter, a Glass Breaker, and a free Nylon Pouch. It is the perfect tool for a survivalist, and an engraving will make it the perfect gift. The seller offers a free two line engraving in one font. The space is limited, but its more than enough room for a nice personalization. All you need to do is email the seller with your order number and engraving instructions and your engraved knife will be sent to you.

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