Should You Buy a Credit Card Knife?

Card Knife


Credit card knives are cool. That’s the simple truth. Not only is it fun to have a knife that small, many have innovative features that just make you smile when you see them. If you’ve seen one, not only do you know what I mean, but you’ve probably considered buying one yourself. Are they a good purchase, though? If you’re on the fence about buying a card knife, this article should give you the information you need to make an educated purchase.


There are many features that make a card knife fun. But by far the best feature of a credit card knife is in its name – they are the size of a credit card. Now some card knives are bulkier than others. But every single one is designed to fit in your wallet. This is awesome in several different ways. First, it means that you will never be without a knife. And as we have mentioned in previous posts, you never want to leave the house without a knife. There are just too many situations, both mundane and life threatening, where having a knife with you will be very important.

The second awesome thing about a card knife’s shape is that it makes you feel a little bit like a secret agent. I mean, this isn’t necessarily the most objective reason to buy something. But who doesn’t want to be like James Bond? Most credit card knives fold and move in strange ways or have special, innovative features that just look cool. It will probably put a smile on your face, knowing that you have such a cool gadget in your back pocket.


The downside of the size of a card knife is that card knives have limits as far as durability goes. Some credit card knives are more durable than others, but none of them are designed for heavy duty work. You might be able to find a knife that can handle most of the work that a small pocket knife would, but other card knives are designed for nothing more than opening packages. The bottom line is, know what you want your card knife to be capable of and buy accordingly.


Many cool card knives are just a blade. I happen to be a fan of the folding wallet knife.  But there are also many card knives that have additional cool features. They can have anything from scissors to a bottle opener to a saw hidden in their inventive designs. These knives will make you feel even more like James Bond. If you’re looking for a knife with lots of cool features, we at knifeista recommend the Gorrilla Card and the Swiss Army Card Knife. Each one has its own unique features, so consider what you want in your pocket. But both will give you a great deal of versatility that you won’t regret having.


The final consideration is cost. The most expensive credit card knife I ever saw was $69.99. I barely even considered buying it. You do not need to spend that much money for a knife in the back of your pocket. You can buy a good one for $25 or a cheap one for as little as $2 if you’re feeling spendthrift. In my personal opinion, paying less than the price of a coffee for a cool gadget you can keep in the back of your pocket is more than a fair deal. And if you want something with a bit more functionality, $25 is not a lot to spend.

So what do you think? Are you going to buy one? Let us know in the comments below!

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