6 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners on the Market Today

Technological advancements have taken us from lengthy and tiresome manual knife sharpening using various other types of knife sharpeners to the automated method of using electric knife sharpeners. An electric knife sharpener will grind automatically. This is a huge advantage in terms of speed and precision. It can take under a minute to make a razor-sharp edge and around two minutes to sharpen a blunt one!

We picked models which are fast, reliable and prolong the life of your knives. Others will eat up too much of the blade, for example. We’ve also focused on the different types of sharpening discs, along with the systems that hold the blades in proper angle. Further, we will discuss the advantages an electric knife sharpener has over the other types.

1. Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect

Chef's Choice Electric Knife Sharpeners for 15 and 20-Degree Straight...

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The 1520 AngleSelect is the most versatile knife sharpener you will come around. It was created for European, American and Japanese knives altogether. This means it offers multiple angle options. The AngleSelect device is a diamond hone electric sharpener, thus using diamond abrasive discs.

There are 2 sharpening stages – a coarse and a fine one, plus a polishing stage (stage 3). Use stage 1 on dull knives and not on other types. Stage 3 can be used with serrated knives. The 1520 can also sharpen knives to double-beveled edges. The machine is a robust and durable one and maybe the best electric knife sharpener to restore your entire collection.

It works with kitchen cutlery, with serrated blades, sporting and survival knives, butchery ones and even with pocket knives. Chef’s Choice 1520 found its place on this list of top electric knife sharpeners without a competition.

2. Wusthof 3 Stage

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Wusthof is a traditional, good-fame German manufacturer. The company still adheres to the highest standards. Its 3-stage sharpener is firstly remarked through its triple-stage system. Then, it achieves the 14-degree PEtec – combined resulting in a 28-degree edge. This actually represents the original manufacturer’s angle. As a blade passes through the 3 stages, it becomes like new and is also polished.

Stage 1 uses the 100% diamond abrasive that works with a dull edge; stage 2 uses finer diamonds, while stage 3 is for polishing. The latter one works well with serrated knives. We advise maximum caution because the result is ultra sharpness.

3. Presto 08800 EverSharp

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener, 2 stage, Black

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Presto 08800 EverSharp is our recommendation if you are looking for a cheaper, yet still very reliable knife sharpener. It is small and compact. The device features two stages. Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty. The result is excellent: thin and sharp edges that last. Thus, it makes it a good product, though not necessarily fit for professionals. The sharpening wheels are made of Sapphirite and last long. There are blade guides to hold the knife at the proper angle. Moreover, it has suction cups to secure it and a good system for removing metallic residue.

This Presto sharpener works with high carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy. If you are careful about each type and give enough time when needed, the blade comes out just right. You can use it on a serrated edge, but it will sharpen just one side. In all cases, don’t press the blades hard – no pressure is required.

4. KitchenIQ 50142 Pro Ceramic

Kitchen IQ Pro Ceramic Edge Gourmet Electric Knife and Scissors... Buy Now The Pro Ceramic Edge Electric Knife and Scissors Sharpener features both manual and electrical features. As a novelty, it uses alumina ceramic wheels. This means it’s capable of removing very little material from a blade. In turn, this translates into a longer life for your knives. Also, when compared to what other devices deliver, this one makes a very smooth and sharp edge. The ceramic wheels interlock to sharp with great precision.

Moreover, there are 2 manual finish slots. One has carbide blades to match the angle and the other one features ceramic stones fit for a serrated blade. Control is enhanced by a rubber hand grip and the feet are also made of rubber. The sharpener comes with a brush for cleaning the ceramic wheels.

5. McGowan DiamondStone Electric Knife Sharpener

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If it’s to be quick and easy, then it’s the McGowan knife sharpener. It features one sharpening stage and therefore will not be as effective as the two- or three-stage types. Still, it has ceramic wheels with diamonds on them. You pass the blade through the slot and get it out. Will not be polished, but well sharpened.

What’s best about is that it’s appropriate for users with no skills whatsoever. The device can handle a 20-degree angle, making it appropriate for European knives. It’s so easy to use and perfect for the average knife user.

6. Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chef'sChoice Knife Diamond Hone Sharpener, 2-Stage, White

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First of all, do not be misguided by the name. Although it says “Chef’s”, it is of use to everyone – outdoors people included. How does the Chef’s Choice 320 Knife Sharpener compare to the other options? For the first stage, it used 100% diamond-coated discs. Stage 2 employs patented polishing disks. It incorporates elastometric strings for keeping the blades at the right angle. When knives aren’t too dull, it’s enough to pass them through the polish stage only. Also, this device realigns and sharpens serrated blades.

The manufacturer produced a system that takes off as little material as possible. Thus, it is regarded as an economical solution. It doesn’t matter whether you have expensive or inexpensive knives. All will benefit of professional treatment. It is mostly due to the innovative stropping technology. The high precision angle guides ensure perfect positioning.

Why Opt for an Electric Knife Sharpener?

Electric Knife SharpenerChoosing an electric device to sharpen blades which may sound so restrictive. Should you trust an automated process to do exactly the job you need? After all, you’ve seen so many experts using conventional tools to sharpen up a blade. That could be more customizable. Whetstones and similar tools let the person be in control. However, an electric knife sharpener has its series of advantages. A lot more people can use these. Novice users have no reason to fear them.

  • Good for beginners. Let’s admit it, people who have never or rarely sharpened a knife don’t have the skill. It takes knowledge and a lot of practice to form the skill. Inexperienced individuals could actually ruin their knives, if not injure themselves. Electric sharpeners have blade guides and fixed angles. Thus you won’t go wrong. No skills are required if you purchase a good model. This system will ensure a consistent sharpening angle. There are solid angle guides for that.
  • Good for pros. When you are a professional and always deal with knives, there is a lot of sharpening work to do. Would you prefer to spend hours doing this? Or would you like to use a quick acting device to sharpen all the blades within minutes? Professionals resort to electric sharpeners too, because it’s so quick and easy. Also, they are impressed with the results. There are such devices with an extra polishing features for a flawless finish.
  • No guess work. As mentioned, an electrical sharpener has blade guides. These help you position the blade correctly. The hardest part about sharpening knives has always been getting the angle correctly. The trouble is now eliminated. With most models, you just put the blade in and turn on the machine. Some give you the option of selecting the angle. Thus, you will be able to restore the edge of more than just one type of knife.
  • Speed and precision. The process being automated, everything is perfectly calculated. Your knives are sharpened with amazing precision. Moreover, the mechanism inside makes it all really quick. Such devices have abrasive belts that can move at adjusted speed.
  • More features in one device. When you go for non-automated sharpening tools, you will not use one for all the knives. Each type of blade has different requirements. Electric sharpener, however, can cater to these varied types. You will use them on straight and serrated edges, on European, American and Japanese knives, even on scissors and other tools. Some have multiple slots; others have angle options that allow customization.

Final Words

We have observed popular releases from reputable brands. All these six final choices can represent your best bet. It depends on the knives you own, on your skill and the expectations you have. Assess your needs and decide which one is more appropriate.

Tell us which one of the six you choose as the best electric knife sharpener for you. Have some question/remarks? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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  2. I bought a Kyocera sharpener a year ago (from Amazon). The product info said it could be used on any steel knife, too , but that’s not my experience. I find it useless except for the one Kyocera knife I own. Very disappointing and now I find I really need two sharpeners. One more kitchen gadget with a short shelf life. Back to my hand held Accusharp til I get enough courage to invest in another gadget. Wish I had found your info first. Thanks

  3. Enjoy your reviews. I have 2 sets of basic Heinkel knives and a knife that is steel. It Is a hardened steel knife I think as it can tarnish and can get realy sharp when sharprened correctly. I use it more than any other knife I use. From the above electric knife sharpener you would recommend? 2-3 choices would be great.

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