Top 3 Picks For Best Chef Knife

Kamikoto 7 inch Santoku

Whether you are a seasoned chef or simply aspire to culinary greatness, you know your knife is your most important tool. The best knife for you depends entirely on your culinary goals. Perhaps you are at the very beginning of your culinary journey. Maybe you have gained experience and are ready to take it to … Read more

The Best Tactical Knife – An Overview of the Top 10 Choices

one of the best tactical knives

Tactical knives are often described as knives that have military features. They are rugged tools that have a variety of uses. A tactical knife can serve as your every-day utility blade or as a self-defense weapon. They must be designed for both daily chores and emergency uses. Tactical knife sales have soared in recent years. … Read more

5 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners Today

Smith's PP1 sharpener, the best pocket knife sharpener

[Updated 2017] Knife sharpeners are important tools in different segments of our daily lives. For instance, to the people who love carrying pocket knives, the need to keep the knife sharp comes to mind whenever they wish to increase the efficiency of the tool. Knife sharpeners fall into two categories; the manual and electronic knife … Read more

What’s The Best Rescue Knife? Reviewing The Top Three

Benchmade 915 Triage Rescue Knife

A proper rescue knife can make the difference between life and death in dire survival circumstances. Just as the name suggests, a rescue knife comes in play whenever you’re in need of an escape route of some sorts. Its razor sharp blade can cut through seat belts, ski jackets, and other materials that may incapacitate … Read more

The Different Types of Knives

Knives come in all shapes and sizes and the different types of knives vary in their purposes. Because of all of these variables, the types can start to blend together and it is hard to determine what kind of knife you are looking at. Knives are categorized according to purpose and use. Here are the … Read more

Top American Made Hunting Knives

Looking for a hunting knife made in the good ol’ USA? American made knives ensure quality and close to home construction which helps with the commerce and economy of America. When buying an American knife you are exuding both patriotism and commitment to bettering America. The knives listed below are some of the hunting knives that … Read more

Cutco Knife Set Review

Looking for a knife set to spice up your kitchen? A Cutco Knife Set is the Perfect addition to your kitchen. This longtime backed up company is known for making products that last and are well-made. Cutco has a knife set for everyone and they produce them at an affordable price for the high-quality products … Read more

Should You Buy a Ceramic Chef Knife?

Ceramic knives can seem a bit odd. I mean, knives that aren’t made out of steel? Seriously? We haven’t done that since the stone age! I’m not sure that that’s factually accurate, but still, we’ve gotten used to metal knives. They have served us well. Now, some people are trying to change how we cut … Read more