To Carry a Pocket Knife or Not To Carry a Pocket Knife

Boker Medium Stockman Classic Pocket Knife

Should you carry a pocket knife? As previously mentioned, we at Knifeista think you should never leave the house without one. There are just too many situations where a knife is useful to let it collect dust at home. However, there are many people who aren’t so sure. And in reality, there are some cons … Read more

Should You Buy a Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Ridge Runner Executive Wood Bowie Knife

Searching for a new hunting knife can be difficult. Not only do you need a blade that will function well out in the woods, you also need a knife that just feels right. A good place to start is asking yourself whether you want a fixed knife. As we like to say at knifeista, no … Read more

6 Pocket Knives You Should Never Leave Home Without

Pocket Knives are extremely versatile tools. They’re small, easy to carry, and useful in hundreds of situations. Beyond their usefulness as tools, they can be the difference between life and death in survival or self defense situations. We at knifeista firmly believe that everyone should carry a pocket knife at all times. Unfortunately, many people … Read more

How To Make Your Pocket Knife Last a Lifetime

Have you seen your Grandpa’s pocket knife? Chances are its the same knife he used when he was kid. That life lasted a long time and a lot of use. But most knives won’t do that automatically. It takes a bit of care to maintain your knife and make sure it doesn’t get worn down. … Read more

5 Engravable Pocket Knives That Will Make The Perfect Gift

Whether you have a wedding, a holiday, or a birthday coming up on your calendar, gifts are a big part of our lives. Knives are a great gift for men (and women) who love the outdoors or have come to the logical conclusion of never leaving home without a pocket knife. Unfortunately, a knife can … Read more

Is an Electric Knife Sharpener Right For You?

Are you thinking of buying an electric knife sharpener, but aren’t sure if you really need one? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With dozens of different knife experts chiming in on the electric knife sharpener, it can be hard to tell if these new machines are God’s gift to knife owners everywhere, or a contraption … Read more

The Prepper’s Checklist: Pocket Items You Need beyond a Good Knife

SOG Pocket Knife

Our community of fellow preppers is always trying to assess the best tools out there for surviving under almost any circumstances, which is why tool reviews and comparisons are some of the most popular features of our website. Unlike what other people think, preppers aren’t constantly stressed about being prepared for disaster striking, and fretting … Read more

Deadly weapons and knives | Courtesy of Honolulu Police Department

Courtesy of Honolulu Police Department:   Deadly weapons and knives §134-51  Deadly weapons; prohibitions; penalty. (a)  Any person, not authorized by law, who carries concealed upon the person’s self or within any vehicle used or occupied by the person or who is found armed with any dirk, dagger, blackjack, slug shot, billy, metal knuckles, pistol, … Read more