The Different Types of Knives

Knives come in all shapes and sizes and the different types of knives vary in their purposes. Because of all of these variables, the types can start to blend together and it is hard to determine what kind of knife you are looking at. Knives are categorized according to purpose and use. Here are the … Read more

Top American Made Hunting Knives

Looking for a hunting knife made in the good ol’ USA? American made knives ensure quality and close to home construction which helps with the commerce and economy of America. When buying an American knife you are exuding both patriotism and commitment to bettering America. The knives listed below¬†are some of the hunting knives that … Read more

Should You Buy a Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Ridge Runner Executive Wood Bowie Knife

Searching for a new hunting knife can be difficult. Not only do you need a blade that will function well out in the woods, you also need a knife that just feels right. A good place to start is asking yourself whether you want a fixed knife. As we like to say at knifeista, no … Read more